Early 18th century cabinet on stand

A very rare early 18th century kingwood two door fitted cabinet upon a single drawer stand with barley twist legs.
The interior is fitted with drawers and in the center a plaque bearing the owners stamp with date inscription.
The inscription reads 'The cabinet of The Rev Ebenezer Erskine, born 1680 - died 1754. Parish Minister of Portmoak and founder of The Secession Church'.
Eberernezer Erskine was a Scottish minister who established The Secession Church formed by non-conformists of the church of Scotland.
He was ordained as minister of Portmoak in 1703.
In 1722 he was rebuked for controversial beliefs. This led to him being suspended from the ministry. He and others, also rebuked, set up a seperate church court. This later became known as The Secession Church.
He was a professor of Theology and a popular preacher until his death in 1754



W 97 cm / 38.1 in
D 46 cm / 18.1 in
H 143 cm / 56.2 in

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